PV Taiwan 2012

LeadinWay takes efforts to been the professional marketing and technical service
company in Semiconductor and Electroni
cs fields. LeadinWay has accumulated many
years&rsquo excellent marketing/sales experiences to serve our customers with satisfaction.
*Semiconductor *Solar PV/ Energy *PCB *Scientic Instrument
For Solar : we have high efficiency solution , for example: PERC process, N type , IBC .
As PERC solution: we have AL2O3 layer, capping layer,   laser opening, good BSF AL paste.

Combined the concepts of green energy and design, we develop "Sun Flora" closable solar PV system. We perform the biomimetic states of the flower and it also provide the clean energy for our environment.


Date of Exhibition: 2012/10/03 ~ 2012/10/05

Time of Exhibition: 09:00~17:00


Place of Exhibition: Taipei World Trade Exhibition Center, Hall 1

Booth No: A0713, Application Products Display Area A0624

Date : 2013/10/31 PM 01 : 41 : 16
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