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Name:   Fluorescent X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge
Type:   FT110A Series
Overview:   New auto focus function allows the sample optical image can be focused within few seconds automatically.
Thus the onerous manual adjustment is not required resulting in the dramatic improved throughput.
Features:   1. Easy setting
Optical image of the sample automatically appeared on the display once the sample placed on the stage.

2. 50nm Au plating thickness can be measured precisely in 10 seconds
Optimum geometry realize higher sensitivity even under micro beam, which enables better measurement accuracy with round 0.1 or 0.2 mm collimator.

3. Measurement without the standard sample.
Measurement can be done without thickness standard sample(s) by expanding the FP software. Measurement of multilayer film and alloy film can be done easily.

4. Easy positioning by Wide View System
New Wide View System (option) which enable to observe the whole sample image (size max. 250x200mm), makes easy setting of the measurement position.
Type:   FT110A
Elements:   Atomic Numbers 22(Ti) to 83(Bi)
X-ray source:   Air-cooled small X-Ray Tube
Voltage : 50kV
Current: 1mA
Detector:   Proportional Counter
Collimator:   Round. 0.1mm, 0.2 and two other types
Sample Observation:   CCD camera (with wide view system)
Sample image focus:   Laser Pointer
Filter:   Primary filter automatic switching
Sample Stage (Stage size):
Sample Stage (Traveling):
  500(W) x 400(D) x 150(H)mm
X:250mm, Y:200mm
Controller:   Desktop Computer with 19 inch LCD Monitor
Application Software:   Thin Film FP (All types of thin films: Max 5 layers,10 elements per layer), Calibration
Data Process:   Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word
Safety Functions:   Sample door interlock, Sample crash prevention mechanism, Diagnostic Function
● Mapping software
● Bulk FP method (Material component analysis)
● Bulk Calibration method (Coating solution analysis)
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