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Name:   Fluorescent X-ray Coating Thickness Gauge
Type:   FT9300 Series
Overview:   The small high-powered X-ray tube installed in the FT9300 enables measurements with high accuracy. The combination of the micro-collimator and the zoom type optical system enables measurement of submicroscopic areas of samples. This thickness gauge is also compliant with measurement of samples with irregular surface.
Features:   ● Equipped with small high powered X-ray tube capable of measuring icroscopic parts with high accuracy
● Equipped with zoom mechanism making high magnification sample observations (on CRT) possible and measurement position alignment of microscopic parts easy
● By utilizing servo-motor in stage operation, high accuracy stage is achieved and accurate position alignment for microscopic parts is made easy.
Uses a laser beam for easy focusing.
X-ray source :   Air-cooled compact small focal point X-ray tube
Collimator:   Square Type 0.025mm x 0.2mm, 0.2mm x 0.025mm
(X-ray beam size) Round type 0.05mm, 0.1mm, 0.2mm
Sample Display:   Maximum 4x Equipped with zoom feature
Magnification (on screen)
Sample Stage:   220mm (x) x 150mm (y) x 150mm (z)
Working Distance 3 steps: 10mm, 30mm, 70mm
Switching Mechanism 
Applications:   Maximum 5 layers (10 element maximum for each layer) Multi-layer Plating
Alloy Plating:   Maximum 10 elements
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