Scratch tester




CSM Scratch Testers are dedicated instruments for characterizing the surface mechanical properties of thin films and coatings, e.g. adhesion, fracture and deformation. The scratch testers ability to characterize the film-substrate system and to quantify parameters such as friction and adhesive strength, using a variety of complementary methods, makes it an invaluable tool for research, development and quality control.This technique involves generating a controlled scratch with a sharp tip on a ed area. The tip material (commonly diamond or hard metal (WC)) is drawn across the coated surface under constant, incremental or progressive load.At a certain critical load the coating will start to fail. The critical loads are very precisely detected by means of an acoustic sensor (MST & RST) attached to the load arm but can also be confirmed and collated with observations from a built-in optical microscope. The critical load data is used to quantify the adhesive properties of different film - substrate combinations. In addition to acoustic emission, the Scratch Testers measure the applied normal force, the tangential (friction) force and the penetration depth. These parameters, together with the acoustic emission data, provide the mechanical signature of the coating system.


  • Nano Scratch Tester
  • Micro Scratch Tester
  • Revetest Scratch Tester
  • Revetest Xpress


  • Proven method to quantify adhesion of coatings
  • Acoustic emission, friction, penetration depth and optical observation
  • Feedback control of normal force
  • Patented panorama image
  • Multi Focus image and panorama
  • Characterization of large (300mm) samples
  • Wear testing in multipass mode
  • Automated video microscope inspection
  • Automated, unattended multi sample testing
  • ISO and ASTM compliant


  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Data Storage
  • Optical Components
  • Contact lenses
  • Decorative coatings
  • Evaporated metal coatings
  • Wear Resistant Coatings
  • Pharmacological
  • Biological tissue
  • Automotive
  • Touch screens
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