High Performance Fluorescent X-ray (XRF) Coating Thickness Gauge 


FT150 Series


The FT150 is a high-end fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauge equipped with the polycapillary X-ray focusing optics and Vortex&trade silicon drift detector. The improved X-ray detection efficiency enables high throughput and high precision measurement. Furthermore, new design to secure wide space around sample position gives excellent operability.



1. High precision measurement at micro spots:
The FT150, having a irradiation spot size of 30µm (FWHM:17µm), achieved a fluorescent X-ray intensity twice that of the conventional instrument, FT9500X. For typical application, measurement time to obtain same precision is reduced by half.

2. Product lineup for various applications:
Select the instrument suitable for your samples.
&bullFor measuring an ultra thin film and micro spots of electronic    
&bullFor measuring a large printed circuit boards of 600mm x 600mm.
&bullFor simultaneous measurement Sn/Ni coating.

3. Safe and easy to use:
The newly designed door with a wide opening width let you set the sample very easily. The closed housing minimizes the risk of X-ray leakage.

4. Enhanced visibility of measurement spots:
A large observation window and optimized parts arrangement improved visibility of the measurement position while the chamber door is closed.

5. Clear sample image:
The higher-resolution sample observation camera with a fully digital zoom provides the clear image of the sample having several tens of micrometers in diameter at a desired observation position. Lighting unit for sample observation adopting LED does not require lamp replacement.

6. New graphical user interfaces:
User setting of measurement methods and samples can be registered as an application icon. Any image such as a sample picture and an illustration of the multilayer can be used for icon image. Measurement recipie can be ed quickly and easily.







Atomic No. 13Al) to 92U

X-ray source

Tube voltage: 45kV

Mo target


Mo target


SDD detector No LN2 required)

X-ray focusing optics system


Sample observation

CCD camera1 million pixels

Focus adjustment

Laser focus, auto focus

Maximum sample size

400W) x 300D) x 100H) mm

400W) x 300D) x 100H) mm

600W) x 600D) x 20H) mm






Personal computer with 22 inch LCD Monitor

Measurement software

Thin film FP (Max 5 layers, 10 elements) , Thin film Calibration curve method, Qualitative analysis

Data process

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word

Safety functions

Interlocked chamber door

Power consumption

Less than 300VA

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