FS-1 Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometer

Film Sense FS-1 Ellipsometer

Key Features


Multiple LED sources: Blue (465nm), Green (525nm), Yellow (580nm), and Red (635nm) Long lifetimes (>50,000 hours), with no costly lamp changes, time consuming alignments or PM procedures
No moving parts in the ellipsometric detector
Fast measurement times (multi-wavelength data in 10 ms) and long term reliability
Excellent thickness precision, better than 0.001 nm for many samples (for a 1 second acquisition), even for sub-monolayer film thicknesses Measurement precision that is only possible with an ellipsometer
Integrated computer for instrument control and data analysis, with a web browser interface accessible from any modern computer, laptop, or tablet No complicated software setup and maintenance
Affordability The power of Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometry, at the price point of single wavelength ellipsometer and spectroscopic reflectometer systems


  • Mounting frame for ex situ measurements at 65° angle of incidence
  • Integrated sample tilt stage with ±2° range
  • Accommodates samples up to 200 mm in diameter, and up to 23 mm in thickness (OEM versions without the mounting frame are also available)
  • A Reference Sample with multiple oxide on Si thicknesses is included for demonstrating the operation of the unit
  • Compact:  the footprint dimensions of the ex situ measurement frame are 180 x 380 mm, and no additional control electronics are required

Advantages of Multiple Wavelengths

  • Enable unique determination of film thickness, for transparent films up to at least 1 &mum (no thickness periodicity issues)
  • Determine additional sample parameters, such as: surface roughness, multiple film thicknesses, index dispersion
  • Provide a consistency check on the data analysis: a &ldquogood&rdquo analysis model should fit the data at all 4 wavelengths (the Fit Diff. parameter quantifies the &ldquoquality of fit&rdquo)

Enabling Technologies

  • Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometry Technology*
  • Optical Model compensation for LED bandwidth*
  • Division-of-Amplitudes-Polarimeter (DOAP), with beam mis-alignment compensation*
  • Model Valid
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