What is a breather?

  The desiccant breather replaces the standard dust cap or OEM breather cap on equipment, offering better filtration to protect against even the smallest particulates that destroy the effectiveness of your machinery, and cause downtime and costly repairs. As air is drawn into equipment through the breather, the layered desiccant filter elements remove particulate while the desiccant beads strip harmful moisture. While in service or during shut-down, the desiccant beads attract moisture from inside the equipment reservoir, actively drying the equipment.

Seeing pink?

A pink breather means it has done its job keeping moisture out of your lubricants. Time to replace the breather with a new one.


Finding the right solution is the key to prolong gearbox and equipment usage lifetime. 

Moistures inside lubricant oil is the bearings lifetime killer.

Breather family:

Standard series Breathers.

Provide simple, yet dependable protection from moisture and particulate contamination in lubricants and equipment. 

Application: Totes, transformers, Storage Drums, Hydraulics.


With a check-valve technology that isolates the system and only &ldquobreathes&rdquo when necessary, making them an ideal solution to protect low-flow applications with intermittent operations.

Application: Gearboxes, pumps, hydraulics power units, conveying systems, low-flow applications.

Des-Case Select Applications:

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