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 1. Service items:
Assist in the inspection of mechanical movements of the machine. Provide test reports to help equipment engineers improve machine condition. Promote engineers to effectively use the data to explain the status of the machine.
2. Charges:
a. Calculated on time, the test fee is calculated in actual working hours, and each test searches for at least 2 hours.
b. According to the daily calculation, provide 8 hours of continuous service on the day, and the hour is calculated in time.
c. The department provides monthly coverage and provides 6 working days per month for search.
2-1. Single machine condition detection:
Charges are based on standard time-based calculations. And provide a baseline comparison difference chart or a repeated test chart. (Optional) Provided within 1 working day after the search. In addition, the second part of the same model repeated test search value is provided free of charge.
2-2. All mdels are created in all models:o
a. Below 10: Calculated in time. The analysis chart is completed within 2 working days.
b. 10 to 30: Calculated in Japanese. The analysis chart is completed within 4 working days.
c. 30 or more: monthly calculation, 6 working days per month for search. The analysis chart determines the completion time based on the actual number of machines.
2-3. Special case status detection:
         It is used to detect the fixed defect that occurs on a single machine without fixed frequency. (It refers to the continuous single action cycle run), providing a 50% discount on daily billing, and the maximum single working hours is 9 hours. The analysis report is completed within 5 working days at the latest.
2-4. Others: For cases that are not included in the above charging standards, a separate quotation will be provided depending on the circumstances of the case.
3. Analysis of the report content:
All analysis reports provide written information and electronic files that conform to the Smart Wafer System analysis software format. A single detailed action check must be submitted to the engineer in advance and provided for direct software operation analysis at the meeting

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