1. System specifications:
1.1 X light source

Micro-focus X-ray tube (W target / Be window).
Voltage: 50KV.
Current: 0~1000&muA (current can be set automatically or manually).
1.2 Fully automatic programmable mobile platform system

Platform size (X-Y): 260x210mm.
The maximum moving distance of the platform: X: 250mm. / Y: 200mm / Z: 150mm.
1.3 four sets of collimators (computer settings)

Round: 0.05mm / 0.1mm / 0.2mm
Rectangular: 0.025mm X0.4mm
1.4 detector

High resolution proportional counter.
1.5 filter

First filter: Al.
Digital filter: NF.
1.6 Sample Observation System

High resolution CCD camera.
1.7 Security Design Features

X-ray leakage protection.
2. Computer and software interface:
2.1 Hardware devices

DELL business computer.
LCD Monitor.
2.2 Software Introduction

MS Windows O/S. (Chinese Version)
MS Office (Word, Excel). (Chinese Version)
X-Ray station interface software: 1 spectrum analysis & comparison function. 2 statistical processing functions. 3 device self-detection function. 4 equipment maintenance and adjustment functions.
(Factory date: 2012/07)
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